• Shopping- 1 mile away

  • Home Depot- 1 mile away 

  • Community Garden- on-site

  • Metro Rail- 1 mile away

  • HEB- 1 mile away

  • Whole Foods- 1 mile away

Our Community

A tiny house community in North Austin near the Domain shopping center, grocery stores and the metro rail

Gardening on your land

Our tiny house community is being designed as a green, self-sustainable community. We encourage collective gardening, recycling, composting and more.

Nothing is more calming than listening to water running in a natural creek while watching the deer play. Come join our community, live in a serene area of North Austin between Round Rock and Downtown Austin. 

Why Us?

We offer a convenient, fully connected, safe community designed for Park Model Houses

Our Partner

This tiny house land development will serve as a model for future communities to follow

  • Gas Station- .5 miles away

  • Restaurant .5 miles away

  • Walgreens1 1 mile away